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What is "Spiritual Practice" anyway?

Spiritual Practice runs the gamut from the 'Classic Spiritual Questions' of:
  •  Who am I
  •  What's my Purpose
  •  How do I become Happy? Fulfilled? the more 'stereotypical' Psychic Questions of:
  • What do my Dreams & astral travel mean?
  • What is my Karma/past-lives?
  • How do I find True love & my Soul-Mate?
  • What are my Family & genetic agreements?
  • What are Spirit-guides and do I have any?
  • How do I access my Higher Self?
...but Spiritual Practice also can include the 'Real-Life' Stuff of:
  • How-the-heck do I Handle my Life?
  • How-the-heck do I Handle my Boss?
  • How-the-heck do I Handle my Family?
  • How-the-heck do I Handle my Significant Other?
Here's the Secret...
We can address/handle all of these Pictures with the same Tools, if not the Same Approach!
  1. Name the 'Problem'
  2. Realize it's "Just a Picture"
  3. Validate Yourself: I can Work Pictures!! I know How, I've done it Before, & I can Do It Again!!
  4. Just Do It: Work the Picture...
From the Beginning:
1. Name the 'Problem':  (the First Step, & the most Crucial)
    • What's my Real Question?
    • What's really Bugging me?
    • What do I really Want? What's the Outcome I'm Committed to??
2. Realize it's 'Just a Picture':
(or if you're not too Certain right now, you could Imagine "it's only a Picture", ie "what would that feel like, if it's only a Picture"... or even Pretend: "Poof! you're a Picture now!" Cool)
    • This is NOT an 'impossible dream'-- I can See the Rose, I feel its effect on my space!
    • This is simply a Picture... with a bunch of energy on it!!
3. Validate Yourself: I can Work Pictures!! I know How, I've done it Before, & I can Do It Again!!
    • Remember, regain your Certainty & Confidence! I can do this!
    • Or you might try 'Going back to the Beginning': "I dunno all this 'Picture' stuff, but I definitely can Ground !"
4. Just Do It: Work the Picture...
    1. 'Start from Scratch': put down a Grounding Cord ...
      • ...and if it feels 'crappy'-- Fine! A 'crappy' grounding cord is MUCH better than none at all!
    2. Get some energy running !
    3. Put-up a Rose for the Picture you named!
    4. Work it! You Could:
      • Just Blow the rose, & give yourself a Gold Sun
      • Read the rose: is it big? small? bright? dingy? covered in crud? 
      • Clear &/or Heal the rose: ground it, flush it with gold energy, 'prune' it, etc
      • Make the rose a 'vacuum cleaner', and allow it to 'suck' all the related foreign energy out of your space!
      • Make the rose 'sticky', and use it like a 'pipe cleaner' to go thru all your energy channels, & clean them out!
      • 'Play' with the rose-- Use your Creativity, & go with what 'seems' or 'feels' right! That's called "Validating your Intuition", & the more you do it, the more Capable you get!
    5. Circle-back:
      • Clean-out your grounding cord, release any old/stuck energy...
      • maybe strengthen that grounding cord, widen it, make it real to your physical body... 
      • Notice as you adjust your Grounding Cord, how the energy changes in your space.
      • Validate the Changes you are Making in your Space!
    6. And Don't Forget: When you're Done, Remember to Blow the Rose, & give yourself a Gold Sun

Now, how do you Feel? Cool

Here's a Few Tips/Tricks:
  1. Before trying the 'Big Pictures', ie "Who Am I", "What's My Purpose", and "How can I be Happy" -- it's really important to Have your Space.
    • So if you're too tired, and/or running energy isn't going to be happening right now, just Put Aside the 'Big Questions', & come-back to them later...
    • ...b/c if you don't Have your Space, your Intuition won't work that great, it won't be Easy to Hear or Have, & most-importantly-- you won't be Satisfied...
  2. Start with the Basics, First: work the 'Real-Life' stuff, before trying to handle the 'Big Pictures'
    • Get the 'lower chakra' issues squared-away first: food on the table, roof over your head, etc.
    • "It's hard to meditate if you're hungry"
  3. Be a Beginner
    • When in doubt, Ground
    • ...then Run Energy
    • ...then clean-out your Center-of-Head
    • ...then work on your Amusement
    • ...and then-- then you'll have the space to look at the Big Pictures...
    • ...but if (when) you get stuck on those? Yep, time to be a Beginner again... Cool
...No Need to look at or try to 'work' any esoteric astral circuitry, if your Basics aren't solid...
& there's no Point either-- You simply can't see nor work energy very well, if you don't Have Your Space.
So 'Be a Beginner', 'Invest in Loss', & go play with the Basics again! Embrace your 'Child Within'!!! Innocent

Enjoy! And Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any follow-up questions!

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You ever have one of those ‘nnnnng’ moments? When you walk-away, feeling like you left ‘some part of you’ behind? Or maybe that you’re ‘carrying something away’ that you’re not really interested in having? Maybe you even had ‘second thoughts’ about walking into the situation. Ugh-- too-late, grab a Tylenol, or maybe something stronger later tonight… right?

Well, hold on a second. What you’re feeling, is the impact of someone else’s energy in your space. Spirits-in-bodies (ie, all of us) thrive on energy… enthusiastic, creative, flowing energy. So a quick way to recognize if there’s something ‘stuck’ in your space, is if your energy isn’t enthusiastic, creative, & flowing. Cool Sounds simple, huh?

Let’s start by grounding. Now, please visualize (or ‘imagine’) a rose in front of you. Notice its color, shape, texture… or if that’s too much trouble then just ‘make it up’. Now comes the fun part: just let that rose vacuum-up any energy in your space that’s not yours. It could be that snide comment from your co-worker, that guilt-trip from your mom, that feeling of ‘worry’ that you’re ‘not-doing-it-right’…

& as that rose swallows-up all that ‘not-you’ energy from your space, notice your body feeling lighter, calmer, & less worried. When you’re ready, toss that rose down your grounding cord, & take a second to enjoy your new space. Good job. It’s that easy.