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We're just finishing-up Last Year, & time to take a little bit of Inventory... Did it shape-up like you Expected? Dreamed? Or how-about Planned?
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If you answered "Yes", "Exactly!", &/or "Darn-Straight!!" -- Good Job!! Why not leverage that great momentum you have, and make some Mock-Up's for Next Year! We also have some new Meditations and Podcasts, if you're interested...
Or is it maybe a bit more like "Hm", "Um", &/or "Not really"? Like maybe you're ready to 'kick Last Year to the curb', & are looking forward to the Next Year? Well, that's Great because we have a Goal-Setting Workshop and a Completing-the-Cycles Meditation for you, after the jump...

If so, here's a few ideas:

Try the Goal-Setting Workshop! If you haven't re-visited your last-year's Goals, it might be time to make some updates... Because there's nothing worse than having 'old goals' still percolating thru your awareness... especially if they're ones you already created! So time to validate what you've gotten, put-aside old mock-ups, & check to see if you're still headed in the direction you're interested in! And no worries if you haven't Set Goals in a while (or ever), remember: "There's No Time Like the Present!" Laughing
Likewise, if you kinda feel like it's still a bit 'hard' to focus on Last Year, you might still have a bunch of energy (stuck) back in Last Year... so why not try a "Completing the Cycles" exercise for Last Year, and get all your creative energy working on Last Year!
And if you just Need a Break, or a Moment to Recharge:
Why not give yourself a few Golden Suns, & then try the new "Running Energy" meditation. It's a full walk-thru, which you can read to yourself, or listen and follow-along to the 10min or 20min versions on the Download page.
Enjoy, and Have a Great Last Year!!!
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How's about closing-out Last year with a little 'Completing the Cycles' Meditation? 

1) Imagine two bubbles in front of you... let's say a bit bigger than a beach ball but not bigger than a house. Laughing
Imagine one bubble is labelled "Last Year", & the other "The New Year".
Now start imagining a cascade of all the stuff from last year you'd love to forget...
... from politics to economic crises to panic-attacks to bad hair days...
... from dreams forgotten to plans mislaid to auld acquaintances to 'guilty-pleasure' tv-watching...
& let that whole avalanche just start filling-in that "Last Year" bubble, & watch (or imagine) it bulge...
Include anything & everything, from old/dead goals or mockups to old dead 'new years eve' promises to just plain un-fun events... in fact anything you'd like to get rid of... From stuff that's annoying to just mildly disturbing... Just bundle it up, or imagine a fork-lift, & just shove it all in there...
And just for a moment, notice if you feel any different as you imagine this... perhaps a little lighter, clearer... Or maybe your thoughts get just a little less hectic, your space just a little bit less 'busy'...

2. And now on to Step Two:
Now take a moment to Remember all your Successes from Last Year (or just your Favorite ones), your Joys, completed Creations... the Fun Times... Excelsior!
(You may even want to write some of them down, to remind you of 'battles won', eg. a 'stash of smiles' for rainy days...)