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Thanks to everyone who came-out to the Taiji-ShenGung Seminar Saturday Feb 11th!

A good time was had by all as we explored (& for some, re-explored Laughing) the fundamental spiritual tools of 'Practical Mystic'-style Shen-Gung!
You may have noticed some differences in your space this week -- often people's sensitivity is heightened for several days after they begin to work these levels. This is expected, as are the 'growth periods' that can sometimes come-up.
Remember, the first rule is amusement...
...if something 'lights you up', why not 'imagine' it wrapped-up in a funny dress, or a clown suit! It's very hard to take the 'not-fun' energy seriously, when it looks very silly. Now blow-up a rose, fill-in with a gold sun, & enjoy the difference in your space!

What's your Next Step?
So, how to further explore this kind of Shen-Gung? First, there will be more meditations posted here in the next few weeks (check-out "Let's Ground" in the Meditation section). Next, we have several Meditation Podcasts planned (if you don't use iTunes, you'll just click to play it in the browser). And we also have further workshops (1-on-1 & classes on multiple topics) available, as well as professional intuitive readings & healings, by appointment .

Plus, we'll have a 1-hr cd of the Feb. 11th Seminar available by the end of March! functional practice

Congratulations, enjoy your new space, & we'll see you at the next Taiji-ShenGung Seminar! (planned for July/August timeframe).

in Spirit,
Rev. Dave
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Ever notice the ‘built-in excuse’ smokers or coffee-drinkers have for taking a break? They get to get-up, walk-away from their desk/project/machine & take a moment for themselves. Well, let’s have our own ‘Psychic Coffee Break’ instead, & Bonus: you won’t smell like smoke or be in hock to Starbucks afterwards! Laughing

First, you need to find a space to find-your-space. A low-traffic’d area is ideal, but you’d be surprised how well sitting on a park-bench with sunglasses on works! Sit-back in your chair, feet flat on the ground, & let your spine be balanced on your butt. Relax your shoulders, your neck, your elbows, & your hands. Feel your body settle into the chair, & let the tension drain-away from your hips, thighs, knees, & ankles. When you’re ready, put down a new grounding cord . Take a moment to notice how that feels. Mmmmm.

Now, imagine the sun, bright, shiny & gold-colored. Imagine it over your head, warm & gleaming with creative energy. Now let it descend over your body… feel it engulf your head, neck, shoulders, spine, arms, chest, belly, hands, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, & feet. Wooooh. Now how do you feel? How about another? No de-caf lightly-whipped sugar-free ‘golden suns’ for you—give yourself a massive, super-potent dose of creative energy. You deserve it. Enjoy.