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"Running Energy", like Grounding and Gold Suns is a great way to get your creative 'juices' flowing, as well as quite literally getting your space 'unstuck'.

This psychi-spiritual technique uses spiritual energies to literally clean-out and refresh our body, mind, and spirit. We do this by calling-in, engaging, and circulating neutral and plentiful cosmic and earth energies thru our space. These energies then give us a 'psychic bath', if you will, validating our spiritual anatomy, strengthening our grounding cord(s), and helping carry-away all the excess junk, 'problems' of our day, and any foreign energies clouding our perceptions, confidence, and certainty.

Ideally, 'running energy' can become the centerpiece of our daily meditation practice, but it still works great if you just do it for 5-10 minutes every once in a while.

So how do we do it?

1) First, find a quiet space, a place you won't be disturbed for a (little) while. A corner of your room, maybe a park bench. Turn-off the ipod, cell phone, TV or any other immediate distractions... One handy technique if you're in public, is to put shades on, & hold a book or newspaper in front of you Cool
2. Now, sit comfortably in your chair, both feet flat on the floor. Allow the weight of your spine to balance on your tailbone, allowing your upper body to 'dangle from a string', if you will. This vertical spinal alignment really helps your energy flow.

3. Now, Ground.

4. Once your grounding-cord is working, begin to imagine imagine, visualize, FEEL nrg from near the center of planet come up thru your heels, thru the legs, meet at the base of your spine, & go down the grounding-cord.

5. Let that run for a few minutes, noticing how it flows, noticing how it *feels*. Tingly? Like water flowing? Like a 'cool breeze'? Notice where the energy runs smoothly, and where it slows down, like little 'hiccups' or even blockages in the stream. Practice 'tickling' the energy where you notice the hiccups, and see if you can get the energy running smoother there.

6. Once you have the earth energy flowing, letting it strengthen your grounding cord and making your legs feel real, begin to say 'Hello' to a flavor of cosmic energy that looks good to you. It could be from the sun, or farther out, but notice that it has a different 'feel' than the earth energy. For many, the earth energy is denser, perhaps more 'coarse', while the cosmic energy is lighter, more 'refined'... but what do your senses say? Go with what you experience...

7. Let that cosmic energy come down the top of your head, down your back, and let some of it go straight down your grounding cord. Notice the effect it has on your grounding cord, if any. Now, at the base of your spine, imagine there's a 'mixing bowl'. And let the earth energy coming up your legs, and cosmic energy coming down your spine, meet in that mixing bowl, & swirl around.

8. Find a comfortable mixing ratio: for many people, ~15% earth and ~85% cosmic is a good ratio... because having more cosmic energy makes you more 'light' as a spirit. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize your grounding, try running more earth energy in your ratio. For instance, Native Americans often run closer to 50% earth energy...

9. Notice when you find your 'mixing ratio', it doesn't look or feel quite the same as regular cosmic or earth energy-- it might have a different color, consistency, 'feel', or texture. Let's call this ratio you've chosen, your "life force", and begin focusing on that.
10. So now take your 'life force' mixture, and bring it up the front of your body. Allow it to come up your belly, chest, and let some branch-off and go down each arm, and flush out your hands, emitting from the palms.

11. Allow the rest of the energy to come-up your face, thru your head, out the top of your head, and 'fountain' out around your body.

12. And now just sit there, watching or 'tracing' how the life-force energy flows thru your body. Notice that it can 'fill-in' your entire torso, legs, feet, behind your ears, between your toes, behind your eyes. If you're aware of your aura, notice how the energy fills it up and flushes it out, emptying down your grounding-cord. If you're aware of your chakra, notice how that (may) work the same. If you have a headache, notice how the running energy can flush-out the center-of-your-head, carrying-away any stress, external demands, or energies making things seem like they're 'unsolvable problems', and now leaving you room to come-up with your own solutions.

In a very real way-- as your (life-force) energy is moving, it's 'tuff to be stuck'. ie, it's easier:
 -for your physical body to 'let-go' of tightly-held muscles, tissues, joints
 -for your mind to 'let-go' of a tightly-held, insistent (ie argumentative) position... & consider other possibiliteis
 -for your spiritual self (including spiritual energy ("shen"), astral body, spiritual anatomy, etc) to 'go with the flow'; ie "allow things to be Exactly as they Are", rather than 'needing them to be a certain way'...
13. When you're ready to finish, you can just begin to allow the cosmic and earth energies to 'come to a stopping point'. Let the grounding-cord carry-away any of the excess... and then you can gently lean forward, letting your spine relax and your hands touch your feet, and let any last dribblets drain from your hands & the top of your head.

14. As you begin to sit back up, see how slowly you can come-up, allowing yourself to 'settle' into your chair again, perhaps gently touching your face and limbs, and gently say "Hello" to your body, as you regain your 'normal space'.
Take a moment to reacquaint yourself with your body, and let yourself appreciate the new space you've created, before hopping-up and rejoining your day. Welcome back!

Tips & Tricks:
*Grounding cord: make sure you make a clear, strong connection with the center of the earth... Often when's there's issues with our grounding cord, it's that it's not connected well, either to the 'base of our butt' or the center of the planet ;-)
*Earth energy: Pick a place near the center of the earth, but dont' get too literal, ie bring-up magma or whatever; you might get 'hot-butt' :-D
*Feeling a bit spacey or unconscious?
 -Pay attention to your spine, and avoid slumping.
 -Also keep your legs flat on the floor, legs uncrossed.
 -Imagine any unconscious energy as a rose, and let that rose fall down your grounding cord into the center of the earth.
 -And remember to give yourself a lot of gold suns!
*Some of you might recognize this as a variant on the taoist "Microcosmic Orbit". And in fact, it's very similar, except:
 -don't focus on specific meridians.... instead, let the nrg run in simple 'paths' or 'channels' 1/4"-1/2" wide down your back, up your legs, & up your front. The trick here is to let the energy 'just flow', rather than emphasizing specific pathways to specific organs
 -don't focus on specific accupuncture &/or lao-gung points, or rather, don't give any extra emphases, at least at first. Let the cosmic and earth energies clean-out -all- of them, rather than 'playing favorites'.

And if you're feeling GREAT after doing some Running Energy, be sure to make some Mock-Ups for the Future! The best way to validate your creative energies, is to go CREATE something with them!!
Have Fun!!
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How's about closing-out Last year with a little 'Completing the Cycles' Meditation? 

1) Imagine two bubbles in front of you... let's say a bit bigger than a beach ball but not bigger than a house. Laughing
Imagine one bubble is labelled "Last Year", & the other "The New Year".
Now start imagining a cascade of all the stuff from last year you'd love to forget...
... from politics to economic crises to panic-attacks to bad hair days...
... from dreams forgotten to plans mislaid to auld acquaintances to 'guilty-pleasure' tv-watching...
& let that whole avalanche just start filling-in that "Last Year" bubble, & watch (or imagine) it bulge...
Include anything & everything, from old/dead goals or mockups to old dead 'new years eve' promises to just plain un-fun events... in fact anything you'd like to get rid of... From stuff that's annoying to just mildly disturbing... Just bundle it up, or imagine a fork-lift, & just shove it all in there...
And just for a moment, notice if you feel any different as you imagine this... perhaps a little lighter, clearer... Or maybe your thoughts get just a little less hectic, your space just a little bit less 'busy'...

2. And now on to Step Two:
Now take a moment to Remember all your Successes from Last Year (or just your Favorite ones), your Joys, completed Creations... the Fun Times... Excelsior!
(You may even want to write some of them down, to remind you of 'battles won', eg. a 'stash of smiles' for rainy days...)