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Enjoying your 'Growth Period'???

Thanks to everyone who came-out to the Practical Spiritual Energy-Work #3 on Saturday September 23rd!
We all had another great time 'working our space' (ie. becoming more aware, running our own energy, grounding, blowing-up roses, healing, etc...). We did a lot of spiritual 'work' this past weekend... take a moment & validate yourself, & notice if anything 'feels different'...

So what's a Growth Period, anyway?

When you've done a bunch of 'spiritual work', ie worked your tools a lot, eg. at a seminar Wink... sometimes amidst all the good, warm feelings, you also get a kinda "hmmmm" feeling. So, how's your space now? Take a moment & notice if that sounds a bit familiar, & if you've maybe felt something similar in the past day, week, month, etc. If everything feels great -- hey, that's great! But sometimes, you might feel a little different, maybe even 'strange'... kinda "the same but different somehow".
Don't worry-- that's a normal reaction when you've worked your space a lot. You see, when people really work their space, often their spirit / spiritual-energy goes "wheee!" [technical term Tongue out]...
...but sometimes, after a while, their body goes "whoa".

Why is that? Several reasons:
 - spirit 'works' energy faster than the body can
 - spirit doesn't have emotion, memory, or 'habit' (ie, the body takes longer to learn to work/use a new energy)
 - after working a lot of energy, the body likes to sleep for 8+ hours (while the spirit is still rarin' to go)

We call this a "Growth Period"... & loosely translated, it means "head up butt".  Yell
So for the next few days, give yourself lots of permission to:
 - be a little more 'wrong' than usual
 - hear yourself say "I thought I knew that already..." a few more times than usual
 - maybe just feeling a little more 'sensitive' than usual, eg. taking things just a little bit more 'personally'.

In t'ai ch'i we call it, "Invest in Loss". So invest away!
Just be confident you'll come-out of your Growth Period flush w/ new enthusiasm, a new space, more awareness, & (even) a bit more confidence in your new capabilities. I'm not kidding-- this will happen! And if anything in your space is saying "yeah, right", well then toss that [nagging doubt] in a rose, make it wear something hideous, & laugh at it a while.  Smile
Meanwhile, here's a few Next Steps:
  • Spiritually:
    • Practice grounding (written meditation) for 10+ minutes at least every other day.
    • Or if you like an audio version, try the 10min podcast here.
    • ...and give yourself lots of 'gold suns'!
  • Physically:
    • Get out in Nature. Walk amidst some trees, lay in the sun, splash in the ocean. That works really well to 're-harmonize' your physical body
    • Get a massage, hot-tub, sauna, or mud-bath. Yes, guys can do those too... & they work great for growth periods. I promise not to tell your buddies...
    • Eat well & get enough sleep (no junk food crap & all-night cable binges)
  • Mentally:
    • Laugh! Rent a funny movie, look thru a funny comic-strip book (Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert, Garfield, etc), or listen to a politician.
    • Practice saying, "Not my Problem"... (but quietly, if that's your wife or boss nearby) Sealed

Enjoy your New Space, & See you Next Time!!
dave a. anselmi
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Ever notice the ‘built-in excuse’ smokers or coffee-drinkers have for taking a break? They get to get-up, walk-away from their desk/project/machine & take a moment for themselves. Well, let’s have our own ‘Psychic Coffee Break’ instead, & Bonus: you won’t smell like smoke or be in hock to Starbucks afterwards! Laughing

First, you need to find a space to find-your-space. A low-traffic’d area is ideal, but you’d be surprised how well sitting on a park-bench with sunglasses on works! Sit-back in your chair, feet flat on the ground, & let your spine be balanced on your butt. Relax your shoulders, your neck, your elbows, & your hands. Feel your body settle into the chair, & let the tension drain-away from your hips, thighs, knees, & ankles. When you’re ready, put down a new grounding cord . Take a moment to notice how that feels. Mmmmm.

Now, imagine the sun, bright, shiny & gold-colored. Imagine it over your head, warm & gleaming with creative energy. Now let it descend over your body… feel it engulf your head, neck, shoulders, spine, arms, chest, belly, hands, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, & feet. Wooooh. Now how do you feel? How about another? No de-caf lightly-whipped sugar-free ‘golden suns’ for you—give yourself a massive, super-potent dose of creative energy. You deserve it. Enjoy.