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A "Picture" is a structured chunk of energy, which can be seen by our 6th chakra just like a photograph, or a movie. Sometimes called a 'Mental Image Picture', a 'Picture' can contain all kinds of different energies, including:
  • Memories
  • Hopes/Dreams
  • Expectations
  • Demands
  • Fears
  • Pain
  • Unconsciousness
  • Manifestations-in-Process
  • etc...
Pictures can be found all over our space-- in our aura, chakra, analyzer, cortex, astral body, and even in our 'mock-up space'. 

Here's the Deal:

Some Pictures are our own, and other pictures belong to others, but (somehow Innocent) have managed to find their way into our space. What this means is, when we are 'at the effect' of someone else's picture in our space, this creates a Problem:
  • It's hard to do what we want -- b/c the picture is saying "Do Something Else"
  • It's hard to know what we want -- b/c the picture is saying "This is what you Really want to do"
  • It's hard to enjoy what we do -- b/c the picture is saying "It's Never Good Enough"
  • etc...
Classic examples of this are:
  • Mid-life Crisis: Imagine creating/manifesting everything that you 'thought' would make you happy... but it doesn't! Instead, what's usually the case: you've created what someone else wanted (for you)... eg a Parent's mockup, teacher's, friend's, etc 
  • School, Degree, Job, Significant Other, etc-- many people are 'at-effect' when they make these Really Big decisions in their lives... & then spend inordinate time & energy trying to 'make it work', when it never was their mockup anyway!

What to Do About It: 

Run Energy. Yep, that simple. Cool
By practicing running our spiritual energies thru our bodies, this immediately starts to 'cool us off', if you will, which creates a measure of Neutrality-- ie, we're able to take a 'step back' from all the 'urgent things' in our space, and begin to "find our space", if you will...
And this gives us 'room' to find a bit of Perspective:
  • Maybe things aren't so Urgent
  • Maybe there is a simple & effective Answer to this (Problem)
-or even-
  • Maybe this is Not My Problem to solve!
And there you have it-- "Maybe this isn't My Picture".
And so:
  1. Find your Space: Run Energy
  2. Name the Picture (this 'Problem', 'Issue', 'Annoying Expectation' or Person)
  3. Put that Picture/Person's-Name/Concept -- in a Rose. Notice what the rose looks/seems like...
  4. Blow it up!
  5. Give yourself a Big Gold Sun
...take a moment to see how that feels-- sometimes it's just a 'smidgeon different'; sometimes, we can feel a Big Release of energy, which feels GREAT!
Regardless, don't limit yourself to just one-- keep 'Working the Picture':
  1. Put up another rose for the Picture: does it look similar/different from what you saw before?
  2. More importantly, does that rose still affect you? Are you a bit 'bugged' by that rose?
  3. If so-- blow it up again!
  4. Rinse & Repeat... until you're able to look at a rose for that Picture, & remain neutral
  5. Once you have that neutrality about the picture, you can put it aside, & look at something else...
  6. ...or you might want to Mock-Up how you'd like the Picture to be, going-forward... Do you want to be a little bit more aware of it next time? A little bit more neutral? Perhaps be a little bit better at 'avoiding the situation'? Go for it !
  7. When you're ready, finish-up, Big Gold Sun, and come out of your meditative state... (Running Energy, step 14)

What if it really seems like it's My Picture!: 

If something's really bugging us, it can often be pretty straightforward to realize: "hey, this isn't my Picture". In fact, just being able to say that, creates a lot of Seniority for yourself, and helps get you motivated to Do Something about it-- ie, run your energy and blow the picture. Sealed
But what happens when it's not so straightforward?
Specifically, what happens even if you know you're not feeling 'great', but it still really feels like "this IS My Problem-- this isn't 'someone else's picture'".
One thing that might be happening, is that we've 'matched' the picture on a physical level. One thing our physical bodies do really well, is experience 'feelings' and 'emotions'. In fact they do this so well, that we can (easily) be 'overtaken' by emotions that aren't our own-- example, 'tearjerker movies'. While our Mind knows "hey, these are just pictures on a movie-screen", our Body is going "Boo-Hoo!"... and we might even enjoy that (cathartic) release...
Basically, our bodies tend to 'match' or 'take personally' any strong energy that is nearby, and thus it can be sometimes difficult to distinguish, "is this my Picture or not?"
The trick there is-- BLOW IT UP ANYWAY.
Pictures which are your own-- are easy to blow-up, and correspondingly easy to 'call back', for example in your Gold Sun.
Pictures which are tough to blow up, which (almost) seem like they're 'resisting' you, are by definition Someone Else's Picture... and are 'worth blowing-up'. After you 'work' those pictures a bit, finding your space, looking at them, blowing them up, big-gold-sun, etc... You'll find you can change your space a LOT... if you will, the time you spend working these 'foreign pictures' gets 'paid back' quite a bit... a psychic 'return on your investment' if you will. Money mouth

Further Considerations regarding Pictures: 

Pictures can be perceived by any of your chakra: Psychically, the 6th usually sees all the details, while the 7th sorta 'senses' or 'knows' that it's there, what it's about, & the bigger ramifications. Or physically: you may have a 'heavy' sensation in your chest or belly, etc, which means you're 'sensing' the picture with your 4th, 3rd, or 2nd chakra ... Regardless, if/when you 'sense' a picture, it's good to 'work' that picture... as well as blow roses/clean-out where you 'sensed' it-- eg, blow roses for your center-of-head, or your heart, belly, etc...
As mentioned, pictures are found in the aura, chakra, energy-channels... so it's good to 'look' for them there... But pictures can also be found in the joints, organs, skin, etc.
The body & its systems tend to clear pictures much more slowly than the spirit & spiritual systems. One of the easiest ways to clear pictures is to run energy & blow roses.... but it's possible to work pictures in your physical body as well! Examples include any kind of physical meditation like tai chi, chi gung, yoga, etc... or when you're having body-work, hands-on-healings, etc.
Working pictures on the physical level can be pretty profound, if a bit unsettling. I once worked a very strong childhood picture in my knee, by doing tai chi reaaaally slow. I was slowly 'easing-into' a glitch into my movement, trying to 'unlock' that 'hiccup' in my knee's motion, when suddenly i was remembering something from when i was a kid, in technicolor, all lit-up & emotional... Whoa. All that energy had been bound-up in my knee, affecting its ability to move... and now it was all lit-up! What to do?
Easy-- the trick here is: remember to find your space & blow a rose!
And when I did that, the tension in my knee dissolved, & the glitch was gone. Cool!
Good Luck in Exploring Pictures-- finding them, working them, & regaining your Own Energy, Amusement, Enthusiasm, and Freedom!!! 

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You ever have one of those ‘nnnnng’ moments? When you walk-away, feeling like you left ‘some part of you’ behind? Or maybe that you’re ‘carrying something away’ that you’re not really interested in having? Maybe you even had ‘second thoughts’ about walking into the situation. Ugh-- too-late, grab a Tylenol, or maybe something stronger later tonight… right?

Well, hold on a second. What you’re feeling, is the impact of someone else’s energy in your space. Spirits-in-bodies (ie, all of us) thrive on energy… enthusiastic, creative, flowing energy. So a quick way to recognize if there’s something ‘stuck’ in your space, is if your energy isn’t enthusiastic, creative, & flowing. Cool Sounds simple, huh?

Let’s start by grounding. Now, please visualize (or ‘imagine’) a rose in front of you. Notice its color, shape, texture… or if that’s too much trouble then just ‘make it up’. Now comes the fun part: just let that rose vacuum-up any energy in your space that’s not yours. It could be that snide comment from your co-worker, that guilt-trip from your mom, that feeling of ‘worry’ that you’re ‘not-doing-it-right’…

& as that rose swallows-up all that ‘not-you’ energy from your space, notice your body feeling lighter, calmer, & less worried. When you’re ready, toss that rose down your grounding cord, & take a second to enjoy your new space. Good job. It’s that easy.