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Ever heard of a 'Mock-Up'?
It's the bedrock of our ability to Create... everything from a better job, better rent, better car... to even Who We Are and What we'd like to Become...
Sound cool? Let's begin...
  1. Find your space: Ground, and give yourself a Golden Sun
  2. Create a rose
    • Imagine it's there, -&/or-
    • Know what it would look like, -&/or-
    • Reach-out and feel it with your hands (rub/awaken your hands first)
  3. Visualize something you'd like in that rose
    • Make it clear, specific, -&-
    • See/Know/Sense it clearly, -&-
    • Feel how great it'll be when you Get it... -now-
  4. Ground that rose!
  5. Notice if it now has a specific color, texture, shape
  6. Validate that rose
    • "It looks/seems cool!"
    • "I really do see/know/sense it's there!"
    • "I really can have it!"
    • Give the rose a golden sun... -then-
  7. Snip the stem of the rose, & let it go-out to the Universe to manifest!
Now sit-back, & give yourself a golden sun...
And go-off & do something fun for yourself.
You might want to 'check' on your mock-up (rose) occasionally... see how it's coming-along, if it needs re-grounding or more golden suns... or maybe you'd like to change that mockup. 
But try not to keep checking it all the time, changing it over & over... because things can get a bit ungrounded, & your 'inner creativity' can get confused... Tongue out
Other ideas:
  • Step 3: decide Who/What/Where/When/Why
    • ...but only 1... don't be too 'micro-managing' on your creativity
    • Try to avoid deciding 'How' your mock-up will manifest...
  • Step 6: see/sense/know what color that rose is, and give yourself big 'suns' of that color
    • Make the energy of your creativity real to yourself!

Above all-- allow your mock-up to manifest in ways you hadn't imagined--
All the best miracles always appear 'unexpectedly'... Cool
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Ever notice the ‘built-in excuse’ smokers or coffee-drinkers have for taking a break? They get to get-up, walk-away from their desk/project/machine & take a moment for themselves. Well, let’s have our own ‘Psychic Coffee Break’ instead, & Bonus: you won’t smell like smoke or be in hock to Starbucks afterwards! Laughing

First, you need to find a space to find-your-space. A low-traffic’d area is ideal, but you’d be surprised how well sitting on a park-bench with sunglasses on works! Sit-back in your chair, feet flat on the ground, & let your spine be balanced on your butt. Relax your shoulders, your neck, your elbows, & your hands. Feel your body settle into the chair, & let the tension drain-away from your hips, thighs, knees, & ankles. When you’re ready, put down a new grounding cord. Take a moment to notice how that feels. Mmmmm.

Now, imagine the sun, bright, shiny & gold-colored. Imagine it over your head, warm & gleaming with creative energy. Now let it descend over your body… feel it engulf your head, neck, shoulders, spine, arms, chest, belly, hands, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, & feet. Wooooh. Now how do you feel? How about another? No de-caf lightly-whipped sugar-free ‘golden suns’ for you—give yourself a massive, super-potent dose of creative energy. You deserve it. Enjoy.