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Grounding is the first tool we learn. It’s the most fundamental, as well as the most important. Luckily, it’s also the most simple. Laughing

Basically, grounding is when you are connected to the center of the planet. Why would you do that? Well, when you’re grounded, your body gets more relaxed, your mind gets more calm, & it becomes lots simpler to meet the challenges of your day.

So, start by imagining a line between the base of your spine, and the center of the planet. You can do this with your eyes open & standing up, but it's often easier (esp. in the beginning) if your eyes are closed,  & you're sitting down.

  1. Picture a sphere or ball in front of you. Let that be an image of the planet earth, & notice the exact center of that sphere.
  2. Next, imagine a little figure for yourself, standing on the edge of that sphere.
  3. And now, imagine a line connecting that little figure from the base of its spine, to the center of that sphere. This is called a 'grounding cord'.
  4. Be creative! Is that line thick, thin, spiralling, brightly colored, dark, static, or flowing? The more you pay attention to that line, the more you will start to make that grounding happen.
  5. Now notice your body. How does it feel? Any different at all? Some people notice it gets calmer, a bit less 'noisy'... or that they feel heavier in their chair. Other people don't notice that, but they do notice that they're noticing themselves more than they were before. It's all good.
  6. Open your awareness to the base if your spine. What does it feel like? Touch it, wiggle it, 'wake-up' that part of your body. This is called "making the body real".

Now sit-back, & notice your space, how you feel. Notice how different you feel, than before you put-down that 'grounding cord'.

The  more you practice your grounding cord, the more it will become more 'real'... the easier it will be to create, & the more dramatic the change in your space will become --  more relaxed, calm, & at-ease.

Congratulations! This is the first of the five major psychic meditation tools. Enjoy!!

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A spiritual Hello is like a 'whass happenin', but even better: It says "Hi! I'm Spirit, & I see you". And so what happens is, you-the-Spirit goes "Whoa, yeah... I see you too!"

Try that sometime... & see what happens! Lots of people walk-around 'not-all-there', so don't be surprised if you get a funny look on their face when you say Hello.

Hot Tip: Saying Hello to babies is an incredible experience... often times, their eyes go really wide, their smile bursts forth, & you can feel the warm glow come rushing out of them. Of course, don't 'surprise' the mom, or something else can come rushing-out too... Innocent