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As you begin to use your tools , ie. 'work your space', you begin to clear-away all the energy in your space which is not you...  & correspondingly start to call-back more of what's really you into your body/being continuum. And as you might imagine, this can 'shake things up' a little, physically, mentally, & spiritually.
...And sometimes that profound spiritual change, creates a corresponding 'growth period' in the body. If so, why not take a minute & read about growth periods here, & try-out a few of those 'next steps'. 
The whole point of this Work is to come into equanimity both with Ourselves-as-we-Are, as well as with Ourselves-whom-we-are-evolving-Into. Bonus points if you can keep your Amusement along the way. Cool
Have fun! 
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You ever have one of those ‘nnnnng’ moments? When you walk-away, feeling like you left ‘some part of you’ behind? Or maybe that you’re ‘carrying something away’ that you’re not really interested in having? Maybe you even had ‘second thoughts’ about walking into the situation. Ugh-- too-late, grab a Tylenol, or maybe something stronger later tonight… right?

Well, hold on a second. What you’re feeling, is the impact of someone else’s energy in your space. Spirits-in-bodies (ie, all of us) thrive on energy… enthusiastic, creative, flowing energy. So a quick way to recognize if there’s something ‘stuck’ in your space, is if your energy isn’t enthusiastic, creative, & flowing. Cool Sounds simple, huh?

Let’s start by grounding . Now, please visualize (or ‘imagine’) a rose in front of you. Notice its color, shape, texture… or if that’s too much trouble then just ‘make it up’. Now comes the fun part: just let that rose vacuum-up any energy in your space that’s not yours. It could be that snide comment from your co-worker, that guilt-trip from your mom, that feeling of ‘worry’ that you’re ‘not-doing-it-right’…

& as that rose swallows-up all that ‘not-you’ energy from your space, notice your body feeling lighter, calmer, & less worried. When you’re ready, toss that rose down your grounding cord, & take a second to enjoy your new space. Good job. It’s that easy.