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How Best to start the New Year... (or any Growth Period, for that matter Cool)...
than with a Goal-Setting Workshop!!

Now's a Great time, before you dive-in to the hustle & bustle of 'daily life' & all the Got-To's... to just take a Moment to sit-back, reflect where you've Been, what you've Created, & what you want to Do Next.

It doesn't take too long... & always pays-off tons in Excitement, Enthusiasm, & (re)kindled Purpose... and gives you tons of new ideas for 'Mocking-Up '...
So let's get to it!
  1. Find a quiet room, spare hour, & no cell phone...
  2. Grab a sheet of paper & pen (not pencil)
  3. Sit down, & think: “what would I do, if  {choose one or more}:
    3. NO ONE ELSE (has) to know (or can JUDGE me for wanting it Innocent)
  4. Now WRITE, for the rest of the hour!  -&-
    1. Put-aside all voices saying “that’ll never happen” or “I can’t”
    2. Don’t think about “coulda/shoulda/woulda”
    3. Just KEEP WRITING, no matter how 'Silly' or 'Inappropriate' it is!
    4. Let your Inner Child, & all your 'Crazy Dreams', freedom to Go Wild Sealed!!
  6. Once you Finish the hour, go take a break... & when you come back:
  7. Start separating the ideas into: “1 year from now”, “5 years”, “10 years”, “20 years”
-and finally-
 => Pick the top ‘interesting’ idea from “1 year”, the one you’re most inspired by...
& do something NOW, right this minute, specifically & physically, to start making it happen!!
  • Sign-up for a class,
  • Fill-out a visa/travel application,
  • Google the nearest xxx & spend the rest of the day hanging out there doing yyy
  • MOCKING-UP a Next Step!!!!!
  • etcetc!!
In other words: break that “cool thing I’d like to (have) done someday” down into ‘bite-sized chunks’, & then take a big bite Sealed
It’s called “baby steps”… but you have to make that step!!

Really– You can DO IT!!
There’s NOTHING stopping YOU!!

Do it TODAY!!
Make it Real– do something tangible that you can hold in your hand, when you hit the pillow tonight… something you hadn’t woke-up this morning thinking you would do, something that you hadn’t really ever thought you could do!

It doesn’t matter if it “makes no sense”; pay no heed to the (voices) that say, “you’ll never be able to do that”… take that first step anyway!!

And then tomorrow, why not do another! And another!!
Write-down your Goal(s), & your list of Steps, add target-dates on each Step, & hang it on your bedroom door, or over your mirror. You can’t believe how great it feels, when you check-off another ’step’ towards that Goal, that thing you “didn’t believe possible”. Why does all this work??
Well, because all those ‘little steps’, bit by bit, start adding-up… like ‘interest’ in your savings account, you start getting more & more momentum, more & more leverage
...& soon previously-’unreasonable’ things, ideas, start becoming more possible
...& you start saying “i can do that” more & more
...& you start realizing “waitaminit, i already did that(?!!)” to things that you’d've previously avoided

You start being less “at the effect” of the events in your life, & more in the position of choosing What & Where & Why…
…less apt to ‘put up with’ stuff you’re ‘kinda/sorta not-interested’ in, &
lots more apt to walk-in w/ a clear, specific Goal, & not leave until you Get it…

It’s called Purpose
It’s called Momentum
It’s called Success Cool
      “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” –Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras

…Now go out, & have a Blast!!!

PS: If your ‘work situation’ isn’t exactly as fulfilling as it might be, you may want to check-out this post . ‘Ta!

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A spiritual Hello is like a 'whass happenin', but even better: It says "Hi! I'm Spirit, & I see you". And so what happens is, you-the-Spirit goes "Whoa, yeah... I see you too!"

Try that sometime... & see what happens! Lots of people walk-around 'not-all-there', so don't be surprised if you get a funny look on their face when you say Hello.

Hot Tip: Saying Hello to babies is an incredible experience... often times, their eyes go really wide, their smile bursts forth, & you can feel the warm glow come rushing out of them. Of course, don't 'surprise' the mom, or something else can come rushing-out too... Innocent