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Dave A. Print


Telephone: 510-541-0374

Information: Call to schedule a reading or ask about on-going classes!
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A spiritual Hello is like a 'whass happenin', but even better: It says "Hi! I'm Spirit, & I see you". And so what happens is, you-the-Spirit goes "Whoa, yeah... I see you too!"

Try that sometime... & see what happens! Lots of people walk-around 'not-all-there', so don't be surprised if you get a funny look on their face when you say Hello.

Hot Tip: Saying Hello to babies is an incredible experience... often times, their eyes go really wide, their smile bursts forth, & you can feel the warm glow come rushing out of them. Of course, don't 'surprise' the mom, or something else can come rushing-out too... Innocent