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Announcing New Class for 2013: 

Advanced Clairvoyant Training !!

Class Duration

"Taiji - Shen Functional Energy" Seminars

Developing Dynamic Functionality while maintaining Body/Being Awareness

Single Day, 6 hours

Practical Spiritual Meditation

Recognizing your Space, Developing your Tools to Create & Maintain it, and Manifesting your Goals

12 week class

Clairvoyant Training

Expanding your Awareness, Developing your Reading & Healing Abilities, and Refining your Unique Spiritual Energies.  Pre-requisite: Practical Spiritual Meditation

1 year class

ImageAdvanced Clairvoyant Training

Developing your Seniority to Beings & Spiritual Agreements. Creating Ownership of your Male/Female Energies, Genetics, & Trance-Medium Circuitry. Practicing Conscious Out-of-Body Healing, and Deprogramming

 1 year class


Further Explore & Refine your Spiritual Anatomy & Systems, emphasizing your Ability to Read Yourself.  Pre-requisite: Clairvoyant Training 

7 week class


Explore, Heal, & Refine your Body/Being Integration, emphasizing your Ability to Heal Yourself.  Pre-requisite: Clairvoyant Training & Meditation-III

7 week class Ongoing

One-to-One ("OTO")

Practical Astral, Higher-Self, & 8th-Chakra Advanced Training, Creating Enhanced Ownership and Developing Spiritual Autonomy.  Pre-requisite: Clairvoyant Training. Recommended: Meditation-III & Healing-III

16 SessionsBy Appointment
Class Cost is $75/hour, and are typically 1 hour, but they can go longer, depending on your interest. Innocent Classes are in-person or via telephone, & can be recorded if you like (SASE for the cd is appreciated).
OTO Sessions are $125/session.

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Please feel free to Contact Us to set-up a time to discuss your Goals and Next Steps!
T'ai Ch'i / Ch'i Gung Seminars:
Latest one was Saturday February 9th !
  • Developing Body/Being Awareness
  • Generating, Tonifying, and Harmonizing your Life Energies: "Ch'i" (bodily) and "Shen" (spiritual)
  • Creating & Maintaining your Body/Being Integrity
  • Functioning with Energy -- Listening, Joining, Blending, & Neutralizing
  • Fa Jing ('issuing power') -- Refining your Abilities with multiple different Dynamics:
    • Effortless Power: uprooting with less than 4oz of pressure!
    • Vibratory Power: 'whip' your tendons via the hips or thru the spine!
    • Short Power: the infamous "Zero-Inch Punch"!
    • Reeling Silk: the tendon tenacity which is the foundation of Bagua & I-Chuan!
    • I-Chuan: integrating the '5 Bows' until the body can issue from any posture!
  • 2-Person Practice -- Dynamically Utilize and Receive Energy without Losing your Space
  • "Meditation for Martial Artists"
  • Healing-work: Taoist & Ortho-Bionomy
Practical Spiritual Meditation:
  • Space: What your Aura is, How it Works, & How to become Aware of it!
  • 5 Tools to Create and Maintain your Space
    • Grounding
    • Circulating Cosmic & Earth Energies thru your Body
    • Dwelling in the Center of your Head
    • Creating and Destroying Energy
    • Finding your Amusement
  • Manifesting your Goals
  • Creating your own Growth and Navigating your Growth Periods, in Amusement!
  • ...more here
Clairvoyant Training:
Purpose(s) of this Work:
 a) To learn & strengthen your ability to Own your Own Space
 b. To build & refine your ability to Find your Own Answer
 c. To learn how to Be Yourself, to run your Own Creative Energies, & Have that (Profound) Contentment
 d. To create your own Communication with your Higher-Self/'God-of-your-Heart'
 -& most-importantly- 
 e. What do You Want to Create?? (...more here)
Here's a 3-Year Summary of the Work:
1) First Year: Meditation, Healing, & Clairvoyant Training
 -> Main Focus: Pictures & Energy
 -> 5 Main Tools, Reading Techniques, Healing Energies, Astral Exploration, & Erasure
2. Second Year: Advanced Clairvoyant Training, Teacher's Practice
 -> Main Focus: Beings & Agreements
 -> Crown Ownership, Deprogramming, Out-of-Body Healing, Male/Female Energies, Genetics, Trance-Medium Circuitry, etc. 
3. Third Year: One-to-One
 -> Main Focus: Councils & Soul Essence (Soul Vehicle & Purpose)
 -> 8th & Threshold Ownership, Astral Realms & Universes, Akashic Records, Control Energies and Spiritual Autonomy

Clairvoyant Training Topics: 

  • Grounding system(s), earth/etheric/cosmic energy's, kundalini (3 channels)
  • Learning to relax your body, running cool/'powder' blue energies, etc. Physical alignment in the chair, 'balanced' on the sacrum/perineum, 'suspended' from a string...
  • Center-of-your-Head: tuning your consciousness/'point-of-awareness' to just-above the pineal gland
  • Astral body (accessing, exploring, & conscious out-of-body experience)
  • Self-awareness & reading yourself
  • Reading Triangle: clean-out each point, & validate distance, connection, & communication between each
  • Body-being communication, affinity energy
  • Supreme-Being contracting
  • Divinity energy (christ, buddha, mary, etc)
  • 7 Bodies, in each chakra
  • Reading Concept: "lenses"
  • Analyzer, genetic tape files, memory banks
  • Creative channels + Inner Voice
  • Erasure & Deprogramming

Clairvoyant Techniques for Cleaning-out, Re-Owning, & Refining:
  • ground (aura -> channels)
  • run neutral energies -- 'get it moving' & flush it out
  • remove cords
  • remove beings
  • run 'life-force' energy -- re-own it & make it yours
  • remove karma, both present & past-life
  • turn-on your spiritual abilities, learn to turn-down at will, & set them at the level you choose
Clairvoyant Energetic Concepts for Exploration:
  • Own-energy -vs- Foreign
  • Truth -vs- Lie
  • No foreign beings allowed in your Space
  • Energy = Information = Answers ... All. The. Same
Clairvoyant Reading Techniques:
  • Say it Aloud: make it real to your Mind
  • How. Does. It. Feel: make it real to your Body
  • Write it Down: make it real to your Memory
  • crown-match & release
  • "work your way in": start w/ what works
  • "work your way out": make sure you finish-up w/ what you started with
  • multi-tasking: watch several roses, & how affect each other
 Clairvoyant Healing Techniques:
  • have your own space First
  • aura healing, clairvoyant healing
  • christ/buddha-force, mary/gaia-energy, etc 
Advanced Clairvoyant Training Topics:
  • Analyzer (turning it down, deprogramming, & re-owning it for yourself)
  • Genetic tape files (male/female lines, familial agreements, etc, & deprogramming all of it Wink)
  • Memory banks (cleaning-out & updating)
  • 7th chakra - Certainty, Knowingness, Seniority, Ownership, & Communication
  • Trance-Medium channels & circuitry: clean-out, deprogram, re-own, & turn to your own setting
  • 5th chakra - Voice-Mediumship & Automatic Writing chakra
  • 3rd chakra - astral body (clean-out, silver cord, templating, re-integration)
  • 2nd chakra - Male/Female system & creative energies
  • 8th chakra - Creative Rings, Astral Realms, Akashic Records
Advanced Clairvoyant Techniques for Cleaning-out, Re-Owning, & Refining:
  • ground (chakra -> circuitry)
  • re-own with kundalini, christ/buddha-force, affinity
  • re-contract with Supreme-Being
  • remove foreign circuitry {machines, devices, report stations, etc}
  • re-own with Certainty-energy, 100% Awareness, 100% Male/Female
  • re-contract thru Time ('Rebirthing')
Advanced Clairvoyant Energetic Concepts for Exploration:
  • 4-Quadrant Growth Cycle (Certainty -> Seniority -> Ownership -> Communication)
  • ego-identity
  • harmonize w/ All Things
Advanced Clairvoyant Reading Techniques:
  • reading 'lenses' -- "as-if". Eg chakra, different person, thru time, etc
  • 'moving the camera' - reading from different chakra, OOB, etc perspective, while staying in COYH
  • 7 Bodies
  • "Being Your Own Control":
    • setting-the-space from your 7th, & reading from COYH (center-of-your-head)
    • setting/watching your own space from 7th
  • timelines: rewind, go forward, etc
Advanced Clairvoyant Healing Techniques:
  • create Sanctuary
  • "be" at Quadrant-4/"Communication"... [ie, 'move' yourself there, even if it's a 'stretch' Laughing]
  • cellular, and 'hands-on' healing (taoist/ortho-bionomy)
  • out-of-body healing


Further Explore & Refine your Spiritual Anatomy & Systems, emphasizing your Ability to Read Yourself clearly, accurately, & easily.

Each week we will review, & enhance our ability to read & take ownership of, our following spiritual anatomy: 

  1. Grounding Systems & the three main Kundalini Energy channels
  2. Male/Female systems & our own Male & Female Energies
  3. Astral Body Circuitry & Out-of-Body (OOB) Healing
  4. Affinity Creative Circuitry & Affinity Energy
  5. Creative Circuitry & Creative Energy
    • Telepathic Circuitry
    • Voice-Mediumship & Automatic-Writing/Creative Mediumship chakra
  6. Center-of-Head (COYH) space
    • Analyzer
    • Hypothalamus
    • Genetic Tape Files
  7. Trance-Medium Circuitry

Pre-requisite: Clairvoyant Training



Explore, Heal, & Refine your Body/Being Integration, emphasizing your Ability to Heal Yourself Effectively, Powerfully, & in Non-Effort.

Each week we will focus on a single chakra, thoroughly cleaning it out & re-owning our body/being communication there to the next level. We will take the following steps in self-healing:

  1. Healing the chakra
    • ground & re-align the chakra
    • clean-out & rebalance the chakra
    • harmonize the 7 intra-chakra levels -with- the 7 Bodies/Aspects-of-Self
  2. Reintegrate the chakra with our Body/Being Communication
    • redistribute your creative energies via the chakra connective pathway
    • clean-out & refine your endocrinal ("ductless") glands
    • 'tune' our connection between Body & Being into a powerful, non-effort space
  3. Practicing running our own Healing Energies to clean-out, refresh, & re-harmonize our spiritual systems
    • Kundalini: access your own core 'earthy' healing essences!
    • Male/Female: explore your own special balance between the eternal Yin & Yang!
    • Affinity: re-discover & access your own ability to profoundly validate at the cellular level
    • 100% Certainty: re-set your confidence, seniority, & ownership of your space
    • 'Christ/Buddha-Force': access and use one of the highest healing vibrations!
    • Supreme-Being: access and use the healing vibration of the Creator &/or 'All-Things'
  4. Weekly Explorations:
    • 'Life-Force Exercise'
    • the Emotional Scale
    • Healing with your Own Energy (without being depleted)
    • "Being in 2 Parts"
    • Personal Power Energy

Pre-requisite: Clairvoyant Training & Meditation-III


One-to-One Training Topics:
  • 8th chakra -- God-of-Your-Heart & Inner-Voice connections
  • Etheric body clean-out, deprogramming, & ownership and deep-meditation
  • Balance and Re-integration of your 3 Spiritual Aspects: Affinity, Mindfulness, and Higher-Self
  • Deep clean-out & re-ownership of Puberty, Birth and Conception Agreements
  • Clearing Control energies and developing Spiritual Autonomy
  • Review, re-own, & re-integrate all your spiritual energy systems & etheric circuitry, from the 8th/Spiritual plane
  • Re-Discovering and Re-Empowering your Spiritual Purpose
One-to-One Techniques for Cleaning-out, Re-Owning, & Refining:
  • re-own with advanced energies: Supreme-Being, Personal Power, & Own-Essence
  • clean-out Puberty, Birth, & Conception agreements from those moments-in-time!
  • practice working from the space before you ever incarnated in a body
  • clean-out control energies in your soul personality memory-banks
  • deprogram gurus and false authorities from your GOYH and Inner-Voice connections
  • practice coming-from the place of Whole Being
One-to-One Healing Techniques:
  • saying Hello from your 3 Aspects, from the Spiritual Plane
  • saying Hello from the place you were before you created your body
  • saying Hello to someone's Own Essence, & allowing it be Exactly As it Is

Our Strategy for Learning this Work:

 a) To create, develop, & refine your spiritual tools
 b. To progressively work-through your spiritual energy systems & spiritual anatomy:
  1. Identify/distinguish each
  2. Clean-out & re-own
  3. Reintegrate with All of You
 c. run progressively more subtle & profound energy's, until you can run Own-Essence (at will), Inner Voice, Higher Self, & God-of-your-Heart
This information has a natural 'order', & builds on all your previous work. However, if you have a particular issue you are working, and/or something really 'jumps-out' at you, we can work (towards) that first...
Again, the Purpose of the Classes is to develop a greater working understanding of your spiritual energy systems, and how to create a more profound integration with your body... all the while refining your reading and healing abilities. So feel Free to Explore!
Please feel free to Contact Us to set-up a time to discuss your Goals and Next Steps!


How's about closing-out Last year with a little 'Completing the Cycles' Meditation? 

1) Imagine two bubbles in front of you... let's say a bit bigger than a beach ball but not bigger than a house. Laughing
Imagine one bubble is labelled "Last Year", & the other "The New Year".
Now start imagining a cascade of all the stuff from last year you'd love to forget...
... from politics to economic crises to panic-attacks to bad hair days...
... from dreams forgotten to plans mislaid to auld acquaintances to 'guilty-pleasure' tv-watching...
& let that whole avalanche just start filling-in that "Last Year" bubble, & watch (or imagine) it bulge...
Include anything & everything, from old/dead goals or mockups to old dead 'new years eve' promises to just plain un-fun events... in fact anything you'd like to get rid of... From stuff that's annoying to just mildly disturbing... Just bundle it up, or imagine a fork-lift, & just shove it all in there...
And just for a moment, notice if you feel any different as you imagine this... perhaps a little lighter, clearer... Or maybe your thoughts get just a little less hectic, your space just a little bit less 'busy'...

2. And now on to Step Two:
Now take a moment to Remember all your Successes from Last Year (or just your Favorite ones), your Joys, completed Creations... the Fun Times... Excelsior!
(You may even want to write some of them down, to remind you of 'battles won', eg. a 'stash of smiles' for rainy days...)